About Me

Hello, my name is Calista Goh.

I am a travelling spiritual teacher, life coach, legal and business consultant, motivational speaker and ‘Healer’. Currently, I am based in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Something interesting about me: I come from a family of seers and psychics. The first born in my maternal line always inherits “the gift”. Mine happens to be prophecy, foresight and insight. Therefore, I do not see time as time, but Time as Eternity. I bring that wisdom with me in every session with my clients or students.

As a ‘healer’ and ‘teacher’, I specialise in accessing the Akashic Records. I was called to service in the most miraculous of ways at age 27. Since then, with Spirit as my greatest Teacher and Guide, I have added to my repertoire shamanism, tarot readings, oracle reports, chakra healing, crystal wisdom and more.

Ultimately, YOU are your own shaman, healer, wisdom guide, teacher and Power.  I believe that all the healing and wisdom you seek already exists inside of you. My role is simply to reconnect you to your Heart and Inner Selves by facilitating your multidimensional experiences of You.

This path of sharing and facilitating experiences has guided me through beautiful waves of transformation and Awakening. It has not always been easy, but it has been extremely fulfilling and liberating. Perhaps one day, when we meet, we can sit for a tea or coffee, share the journeys of our Lives and I can thank you for enriching my experiences in this lifetime.

“Professionally speaking”, I am a trained lawyer, psychologist, serial entrepreneur, dancer, writer and herbalist. As such, my methods are an amalgamation of modern living with ancient wisdom. Movement, sounds, songs, taste, sight and imagination are key for me and through whichever senses you are comfortable with, I am dedicated to serving you and representing, to the best that I can, the True essence of God and Spirit within you and with out you.

If I am able to serve in any way, I am fulfilled.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to serving you in any way that I can. Maybe tea or coffee some day.

In Love & Light,

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