Akashic Records Level 2 Workshop (HK – Nov 2018)


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The purpose of this class is to empower participants to access the Akashic Records of others. This includes learning to access the Akashic Records of other persons, pets/animals, businesses, projects, relationships, objects, residential or commercial spaces, plants, mountains and more.  You will be taught the Akashic Records Sacred Prayer for Others and trained to become Akashic Records Consultants.

The workshop is designed to train you to access the Akashic Records of others and to remind us that on our path of Light, is a continuous unfoldment of humble service dedicated towards the evolution of the Collective, including ourselves.


  • The Akashic Records Sacred Prayer for Others
  • How to access the Akashic Records of Others
  • How to navigate the Akashic Records to access Past Lives, Information and Ancient Wisdom of others
  • time vs. Quantum Time
  • Patterns of Interference (when reading for others)
  • Grace Points Level 2
  • Energetic “unplugging” and Karmic Contract Resolution
  • Forgiveness, Grace & Soul Mid-Wifery
  • Fine-tuning all senses

Note: This class will involve 2 days in the classroom where theory and basic practical experiences will be built and shared to read for each other. The class will take a “break” for 1 week to allow participants to practice in their daily lives and the final day will include a field trip to the Big Buddha in Lantau, where we will experience the majesty of opening the Akashic Records of the Buddha’s Relic. We will also learn how channelled messages done individually in a group setting actually serve everyone present in the circle. We will also learn about the Heart Sutra and sit in contemplation of emptiness at the Heart Sutra atrium in Lantau.


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