Garden Quartz Life Path Wrist Band


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This Garden Quartz macrame wrist band is crafted as a nod to Mayan designs. The triangular geometric patterns represent one’s Life Path in Mayan symbolism. It emanates from the garden quartz in the center, symbolizing that one’s path comes from one’s Heart.

Garden Quartz – Meaning & Uses

Grounding ~ Earth Energy ~ Ancestral Wisdom

Known as Garden Quartz, this quartz crystal contains natural earth elements giving the crystal both a delightful appearance of a miniature garden and incredible Earth energy. It s a powerful grounding stone that is used extensively in healing and meditation work. It is one of the fundamental grounding stones. It is known to be able to establish a clear path to removing negativity by passing it back into the Earth where it can dissipate naturally. It is also used in praying to ancestors, grounding the spirit, and providing an anchor in the natural world.


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