Good Fortune Earrings


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The symbol represents good fortune.


MATERIALS: Up-cycled glass beads, Silver



On a non-profit excursion into Ethiopia in 2009, Ryan discovered the magic and beauty of the ancient lands, history and culture of Africa. Inspired by the stories of the tribes he visited, and an avid advocate of sustainable living, eco-consciousness and community outreach, Ryan combined his eye for beauty and design with empowering of Ethiopian craftspeople to deliver these one of a kind beautiful, authentic Ethiopian jewelry which highlight the rich culture and history of Ethiopia.

Every piece holds an Ethiopian story, weaving together eclectic individuals and religious significance. Each design is living history – telling the stories of Ethiopia as it courageously battled wars, bonded religions and empowered its people through art.

Nurturing the talent within Addis Ababa’s artisans not only improves their self-esteem and self-worth but enriches and preserves Ethiopian culture. We are committed to a fair return for all employees and co-op partners.

NASADO is committed to giving back to the community and encouraging conscious living.


The beads in our Ethiopian Collection are all up-cycled glass that have been hand-painted in traditional designs inspired by the wild savanna lands of Ethiopia, and all of its multicolored flora and fauna.


Each piece is handcrafted uniquely by an Addis Ababa artisan. All materials used in the collection are from the lands of Ethiopia.


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