Zebra Agate w/ Druzy Crystals Necklace


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Zebra Agate – Meaning & Uses

Yin Yang ~ Balance ~ Mood Lifting

Zebra Agate is also known as the ‘Yin-Yang Stone’. As this implies, this stone is all about striking a balance. Like yin-yang in Chinese philosophy, Zebra Agate possesses balanced qualities of opposing, yet complimentary, forces. When combined, dynamic equilibrium is reached and we are awakened to the prospect of eternity.

Zebra Agate is mood lifting. It helps with depression and anxiety. By connecting us to the inner duality of All That Is, Zebra Agate helps us see past illusions and identify the heart of what we really desire. It aids in the actualization of desires and is an ideal tool for meditation as it encourages us to accept balance in our thoughts.



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